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Mother Essence of Life , by
Alma Pérez..Canela

Neither the wise men of the ages...
Nor the stars that twinkle in the firmament
Nothing... could ever... possibly replace you.

In childhood, we were so defenseless but cheerful...
To entangle ourselves playfully in your hair,
Or dash impetuously to find shelter in your warm bosom.

On uncertain paths you are the guide...
You are the solace...
We were tender children then...
But without intending to, Why not say it?
We miss your pieces of advice... even now when we are old.

We are the epilogue of an ephemeral life,
When the lives of fathers and grandparents come to an end.
As young adults we honor your smiles, values, character, even your

A lifetime of selfless dedication, bequeaths as its legacy,
Unforgettable imprints and deep scars.
We see your face furrowed by time...
Although your hands are soft and smooth, they project tiredness...
And are now slow... to react...

Mother, despite time and all its facets, artifices... and veneers
You still shine, ever triumphant, graceful, serene.

Oh Mother, how unjust it would be
To ever renounce your love,
Or to forget, even for an instant,
That in all the Galaxy
There is no star,
That scintillates with brilliance such as yours!

Tribute to my mother Delia Pérez and to all the mothers in the
North York, ON, CANADA
April 21, of 1998

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